About the author

I’m Paul Clark, a journalist who lives in the Asheville, NC, area. I first became interested in people’s obituaries at my first daily newspaper job in the 1980s, when each of us reporters was tasked with writing them up when funeral homes called. There was something fascinating about these lives – what the departed did for a living, where they lived, who was in their family and who they touched.

Little bios, the obits are one of the most interesting parts of any newspaper and its Web site. I’m passing along to you some of those I encounter on my daily perusal of the Web. I hope you find these lives as interesting as I do.

Searching the Web for these stories also indulges my passion for reading newspapers. I love knowing what’s going on in cities and communities around the world, and checking out newspapers’ Web sites allows me to also check out their local news and, from a design standpoint, gauge how effective the papers are in reaching their online audiences. With its links to news source Web sites, “Died and Yet” is my small way of helping newspapers through a difficult time of transition that has forced the layoff of thousands of journalists. I’m supporting the reporters, editors and publishers out there who take on huge odds every day to put out print and online products that face a vast amount of competition. Subscribe to your local newspaper. Or at least visit its Web site every day.

Contact me at inaquietway@charter.net.



  1. mjl

    Great blog Paul – I just discovered your article about Bob Weston on Twitter. I’m signed up and backtracking your info. Thanks again.

  2. This is a great idea for a blog Paul. I’ll be following…

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